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Galway Dates, Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

The program opens Sunday, June 19, 2016, with an afternoon introductory meeting and welcoming reception for participants and faculty. First-session classes run from June 20 through July 8. The second session runs from July 11 through July 29.

To give participants extra time to explore Ireland and Europe, there are no classes on the following Fridays: June 24, July 1, July 15, and July 22.
The fees for the program total $5,500 (including a nonrefundable $200 application fee). This charge covers tuition ($3,300 for up to six credit hours), accommodations, computer access, and activities. Other anticipated expenses are food (approximately $1,800, depending on how much use students make of the kitchenettes in their apartments); books (approximately $350); airfare to and from Ireland; and any additional entertainment and travel chosen by the individual student. A student who wishes to arrange his or her own housing in Galway may do so, and the student’s charge will be reduced by
$2,000, provided that written notification of the alternative housing is received by the program director before April 29, 2016.
Students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and obtaining their assigned textbooks in their home countries before their departure for Galway. Passports are required for travel to Ireland and are the responsibility of each student. Visas are not required for U.S. citizens traveling to Ireland. Participants should contact the financial aid officer at their own law school to determine eligibility for financial aid.

Cancellation Policy

New England Law | Boston and the Consortium for Innovative Legal Education, Inc., reserve the right to alter or cancel this program. Cancellation would occur in the event of program underenrollment by April 4, 2016, or unforeseen international events that could substantially inhibit program operations or seriously compromise student safety. If the program is canceled, all tuition and fees will be returned.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

If the program receives a student’s written notice of withdrawal prior to April 29, 2016, the program will retain the student’s application fee and $500 deposit but will refund any other money the student has paid. If written notice of withdrawal is received after April 29, 2016, the student will also be responsible for any charges beyond $500 that the program has incurred on the student’s behalf, including full tuition and fees if notice of withdrawal is received after classes have begun. If the withdrawal is occasioned by a U.S. State Department Travel Warning or Alert covering Ireland for all or part of the period of the program, or by changes in the program, refunds will be as follows: (1) if the program change or travel warning or alert occurs before the program begins, all money paid by the student will be refunded; or (2) if the program change or travel warning or alert occurs after the program has begun, program fees will be refunded except for those incurred prior to the date of withdrawal.