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Law School Registration Information

Clinics and Courses

New England Law courses include more than 100 electives, which encourage students to explore, experiment, and discover the areas of the law that best suit their passions and objectives. Pathways to the Profession of Law™ is an online program that assists students in exploring various areas of legal practice and in selecting courses that will enhance their ability to gain the skills and expertise needed to practice in that area. Law students can choose from more than a dozen clinics each semester in a wide range of areas, and they have the opportunity to propose placements with organizations of special interest.


Books, Exams, and Policies

Students should carefully check which books are needed for their courses and the dates and details of examinations. New England Law’s policies and procedures on attendance, student mailings, and options for study through the Consortium for Innovative Legal Education (CILE), including international opportunities, are among those that should also be reviewed as necessary.

Financial Information

Our Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping students plan and manage the financing of law school enrollment. Tuition and fees vary depending on the program selected.

Clinics and Courses – Links

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