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Jennifer A. Sunderland*
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Jennifer A. Sunderland*

Lecturer on Law


JD New England Law | Boston, BA University of Massachusetts Amherst

Professional Background

Jennifer Sunderland, Esq. is a founding partner of Sunderland Fleming, LLC, a female-owned boutique law firm, founded in January of 2020. Sunderland focuses her practice on criminal defense and employment law. Before starting her firm, Sunderland worked for several law firms in Boston, representing clients in civil litigation matters. Before that, she was a Staff Attorney for the Committee for Public Counsel Services in the District and Superior Courts of Plymouth county, representing indigent clients charged with serious criminal offenses. Immediately after law school, she started her career as a Law Clerk for the Justices of the Massachusetts Superior Court and to the Honorable Robert J. Cordy.
Sunderland credits her experience as a public defender as what helped shape her career as an attorney, by allowing her to pursue her goal of improving as a trial lawyer while also allowing her to make a difference in the lives of her clients. In her spare time, Sunderland is a member of the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Appleseed Center for Law & Justice, whose mission is to promote equal rights and opportunities for Massachusetts residents by developing and advocating for systemic solutions to social justice issues along with being a Board member of the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Suffolk Lawyers for Justice.