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Thomas Shack* III

Lecturer on Law


JD New England Law l Boston, MBA American University, MBA American University

Professional Background

Thomas Shack III, Esq. leads a consultancy collaborating with government leaders at every level in designing successful, practical, secure, and transformative innovation projects. As an Attorney, Shack litigated more than 100 jury trials and 20 appellate matters in state and federal courts. When serving as Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from 2015-2019, he led vast financial operations and administration for 152 unique departments, 125,000 employees, and 65 billion dollars annually.

From 2004-2014 Shack held numerous roles with the Office of the State Comptroller as well as the Office of the District Attorney. He is a four-time winner (2015-2018) of the Government Finance Officers Association Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting, as well as a national keynote speaker in business, entrepreneurship, workforce evolution, and ethics. Shack is passionate about helping prepare students to face the challenges of a new business and legal world which is evolving at an unprecedented pace.