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Dan Dolan
Contact Information

Areas of Expertise
  • Criminal Law
  • Public Interest

Dan Dolan

Visiting Professor of Practice


J.D., New England Law | Boston
B.A., Johns Hopkins University

Professional Background

Dan Dolan has dedicated his career to fighting injustices in the criminal justice system by representing indigent criminal defendants in state and federal courts in multiple jurisdictions for about 27 years. He has worked in the public and private sectors representing clients at trial and on appeal. This includes clients accused of first-degree murder, who were facing the death penalty.

As a public interest attorney, he worked in the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society in Brooklyn, New York, the Public Defender’s Office in Durham, North Carolina, the Capital Defender’s Office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the Committee for Public Counsel Services in Quincy, Massachusetts. Professor Dolan is a criminal defense lawyer.

In addition, he is a 1995 graduate of New England Law and was previously a legal research and writing instructor at New England Law.