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What do you want to do with your law degree? The Pathways to the Profession program will help you figure it out.
Pathways to the Profession at New England Law

Pathways is an online program that will help you explore various legal career paths that interest you. You will be able to personalize your law school plan, choosing courses and experiential learning opportunities that give you the skills and expertise you need to practice. So you graduate prepared for a successful and rewarding legal career path.

Each Pathway recommends courses that students should take according to their law practice goals. Although these Pathways do not create any specialties or concentrations, they are used primarily to advise law students about courses that will be beneficial for them in order to pursue law career paths after graduation.

The Pathways program was developed by Mitchell Hamline School of Law (one of our sister schools in the Consortium for Innovative Legal Education) and has been adapted for New England Law with Mitchell Hamline’s permission.

Explore Your Pathway to Law

Each legal pathway highlights courses that prepare you for a specific field. Choose any of the legal specialties below to learn more.

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