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All New England Law students are required to have an official student identification card. Photos for student IDs must be submitted by July 26th, 2024.

Photo Requirements

  • The photograph must be in color, focused, and taken in good light -- no dark or shadowed photos.
  • The photograph should not be taken outside as direct sunlight causes glare or reflections which we cannot accept.
  • The photograph must have a solid light-colored background, without designs or patterns.
  • The photograph must show a full face, front view of the cardholder, no profiles or angles.
  • Make sure top of head is not cut off and is clearly visible.
  • As a guide, the distance from the base of the cardholder's chin to the top of the head must occupy between 70% and 80% of the height of the photograph.
  • The cardholder must appear in normal street attire (no costumes), no hats, and no dark glasses.
  • The photograph must be that of the cardholder only (no family, friends, animals, objects, etc., are permitted).
  • The file must be in jpg or jpeg format. Other formats will not be accepted.
  • File size cannot exceed 2MB.

An example of an appropriate photo –

Any photo submitted will be reviewed for adherence to these requirements. New England Law | Boston reserves the right not to accept any photo or to edit the photo to meet those specifications.

If your submitted photo is rejected for any reason, you will be given an opportunity to upload another photo.

Please type your name in here in the format [FirstName][Surname]: