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Financial Aid Links and Resources

General Information

  • FAFSA on the Web : Use this financial aid link to complete your FAFSA online.  It's the fastest way for both the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Financial Aid to receive your information.
  • National Student Loan Data System : This online database is for federal education loan borrowers to review what/how much they've borrowed and who the lenders and servicers for their loans are.
  • Dept of Ed: PIN Registration :  For students who need a PIN to access FAFSA or their records on NSLDS, this link will bring you to the registration page.
  • : This site is a great source for information related to all aspects of education loans:  how to apply, your rights and responsibilities, and tips on repayment.
  • IRS - Tax Incentives for Higher Education :  The tax code provides a lot of opportunities for students and their families to claim tax credits or deductions based on what you're currently paying for tuition or as interest on your student loan.  This page is set up by the IRS with information about the specific incentives that you can take advantage of.
  • IRS - Do I have to file taxes? : This IRS checklist will help you determine if it's necessary to file a federal income tax return.  Remember:  if you file federal taxes, you are required to submit this information along with your other paperwork for financial aid consideration.

Living In Boston/As a Law Student

  • Boston Relocation Guide :  From Universal Hub - this site has information for students new to the Boston area on what to expect for local housing, transportation, and things to do.
  • 30 Steps to Financial Wellness : Created by Money Management International, this 30 step path offers tips and strategies to help better your financial standing.
  • : provides free software to help you set up a budget, monitor your spending habits, and keep track of debt.

Debt Management/Loan Counseling

  • FinAid Loan Calculator : The calculators page from
  • Ask Heather Jarvis:  Heather Jarvis, a student loan expert from Equal Justice Works, provides various tools, links to webinars, training events and forums for students with questions about loan repayment and managing debt.
  • Dept of Ed: Repaying Your Student Loans : The U.S. Department of Education publishes this booklet regarding the basics of borrowing, loans, and tips as to how to manage your debt.
  • EdFund Loan Calculator:  EdFund's calculator for various loan types - enter your loan information and the calculator will give you an idea of what your payments would be under different payment plans.
  • Financial Aid for International Students :  From, a listing of loan providers for international students.
  • Loan Repayment @ New England Law :  The Office of Financial Aid site for loan repayment information and other helpful links.

Other Financial Aid Resources/Scholarship Search Engines