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Study Abroad Programs 2018

The majority of New England Law students attending a summer program will choose to study abroad during the summer term, but the information below can also apply to students studying abroad during the academic year or visiting out at another school at any time.  Below is an outline of the process to obtain a loan:

1. Eligible Loan Programs: A loan borrowed for a summer program has no bearing on your eligibility for aid in the following academic year. The majority of students who borrow for a summer study abroad program will do so through the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan. A Federal Stafford Loan is only a possibility if the student did not fully utilize the maximum amount they were eligible for during the academic year.

Students must register for at least 3 credits in order to apply for a Grad PLUS loan; less than 3 credits in a summer program is considered less than half-time enrollment, and your only loan option will be a private education loan.

Both Grad PLUS and private education loans are credit-based and approval is not guaranteed.

2. Registration Status & Loan Request:

For the Galway program: You are considered registered once your second deposit, financial risk agreement, and financial responsibility agreement have been received by the Registrar and/or Student Accounts. The Office of Financial Aid will then email you the official Galway budget and instructions on how to accept a loan for the program.

For all other summer study abroad programs: All students seeking to attend a summer program, either through the CILE network or a non-CILE school, must seek approval from the law school to attend the program by completing the Non-New England Law Boston Summer Program Request Form. Upon approval to attend and have your summer program credits transferred to New England Law, please email our office a copy of your acceptance to the summer program from the host school. The acceptance information you forward to us should include the name of the host school, country of summer program, contact name, address, and phone number.

Upon receipt of this information, a Consortium Agreement will be sent by our office to the host school. A Consortium Agreement is essentially an understanding between the two schools with respect to financial aid, confirming your enrollment, number of credits, and their official summer program budget. We do not accept any copy of a program budget that does not come directly from the host school through the Consortium Agreement. The total cost of the program indicated on the Consortium Agreement is the maximum amount a student can borrow. 

Once the completed Consortium Agreement has been returned to our office, we will email you the official budget for the program you have enrolled in and instructions on how to accept a loan for the program.

3. Disbursement Process & Tuition Payment: Disbursement of Federal Grad PLUS/Stafford loans will be up to 10 days prior to the start of your specific summer program. Students should keep in mind that some programs may have earlier payment deadlines, which they will be responsible for. A loan origination fee will be applied at the time of disbursement; 4.264% for the Grad PLUS Loan and 1.066% for the Stafford Loan. 

If you will not be in the Boston area at the time of disbursement, please make arrangements with the Office of Student Accounts to have the check mailed to you or released to someone who can deposit it for you.

Please note: the student is responsible for making any necessary payments to the host school of their program. If you are attending the Galway Program and borrowing federal loans to cover your expenses, payment to New England Law will be automatic; if you are attending any other study abroad program, New England Law does NOT make tuition payments to your host school for you.

4. Miscellaneous: The summer budget includes funding for housing abroad; it cannot include funding for upkeep of a local Boston area apartment while you are studying abroad.
Galway Summer Program 2018
Estimated Expense Budgets


Session I Only

Sunday, May 27–Friday, June 8

(move in Saturday, May 26; move out Saturday, June 9)

Tuition/Housing                  $3,155

Board                                  $750

Airfare/Transportation       $1,220

Books/Supplies                   $ 200

Misc. Expenses                  $390

Total                                    $ 5,715

For students utilizing Grad PLUS Loan

(includes loan origination fee)

Total                                     $5,969



Sessions I and II

Sunday, May 27–Friday, June 22

(move in Saturday, May 26; move out Saturday, June 23)

Tuition/Housing                 $  6,250

Board                                    $  1,450

Airfare/Transportation      $  1,275

Books/Supplies                    $     400

Misc. Expenses                    $     780

Total                                      $10,155

For students utilizing Grad PLUS Loan

(includes loan origination fee)

Total                                    $10,607