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Law Student Housing in the Boston area

Like most law schools in Boston and other graduate schools in the area, New England Law | Boston does not provide on-campus, law school housing. Most students attending the law school live in privately owned apartment buildings near the school or in other neighborhoods in Boston or its suburbs. Some of the most popular neighborhoods for New England Law students are Allston/Brighton, the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Brookline, Fenway/Kenmore, the North End, and the South End.

New England Law | Boston provides a website for accepted students that includes information on the Boston housing market. While students must do the footwork, the website can guide their search for law student housing and transitioning to life in Boston.

Through the website, accepted students can:

Research Boston by neighborhood

The city of Boston and its surrounding communities are broken down into three areas on the website: The Big City, Inner Suburbs, and Outer Suburbs. Each community has a brief description, average monthly rents as surveyed by current New England Law students, major highlights of the community (including, but not limited to, most accessible transportation to the law school, length of commute, parking restrictions, and safety), and names of rental agents who have dealt with New England Law students in the past.

Find a roommate

The Office of Admissions maintains a list of incoming students who are interested in sharing an apartment. When you sign up for the Roommate List, New England Law | Boston will provide you with a special password to access the Online Roommate List. From the list, accepted students can contact potential roommates, meet, and schedule a visit to Boston to locate an apartment together.

View available rental listings

The Office of Admissions maintains a list of available apartments and rooms that have come directly to the New England Law | Boston Office of Admissions. The list is updated frequently and is accessible on the website.

Sign up to attend a Housing Information Day

On Housing Information Days, which are conducted at the beginning of the summer, law school representatives provide guidance on apartment-hunting in the Boston area. This forum also provides students with an opportunity to meet potential roommates.

Because of Boston's large student population, affordable housing is in demand. Students should set aside time during the summer to visit Boston, find a suitable apartment, and sign a lease. The housing information sessions serve as an information clearinghouse to aid students in their apartment searches, but students must be prepared to find apartments and make living arrangements on their own.

Learn how to get around Boston

The website provides details on how to navigate the subway system, cost for public transportation, and provides the closest public transportation stops to the law school. Living in Boston is greatly simplified by the region's easily accessed bus and train service.

To find out more about housing and/or post housing rental information, please contact the Office of Admissions at 617-422-7210 or


If you are an admitted student and have received the login and password for the admitted student website, you can access the housing page here.


If you are interested in advertising a rental listing or room occupancy on the New England Law Rental Listings page for incoming students, please choose the appropriate form:

Apartment Listings Form for Landlords or Current Occupants

Online Form

Realtors Listing Form

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