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Strengthen your law school application with these tips from successful law students.

Tip 1: Be yourself—seriously!

Hailey-ManfrediHailey Manfredi
Class of 2019

“Try to be truly yourself in your personal statement. Law schools like New England Law approach applications very holistically, and they spend time reading each one. Your LSAT score is a number, and your résumé does not convey your personality. The personal statement is where you really get to convince admissions that you’re supposed to be here.”

Tip 2: Follow the LSAT insider tips

anthony-bushAnthony L. Bush
Class of 2020

“Take your time studying for the LSAT but don’t overwhelm yourself with practice exams or expensive prep courses. Figure out what works best for you and how you learn and stick to it. Get different people’s perspectives on your personal statement; they could point out something you missed or add real value to it. Lastly, be confident in your work and submit your application knowing that you did your absolute best on every part of it. Have faith in your process.”

Tip 3: Proofread. Period.

Jennifer-BadeJennifer Bade
Class of 2020

“Read, re-read, and have someone proofread your law school applications to ensure your answers are clear and there are no grammatical errors. I would also suggest you make sure your personal statements are similarly pristine and reflect an interesting story about you.”

Tip 4: Don’t let your grades hold you back

Amber-TrotterAmber Trotter
Class of 2020

“Although your undergrad GPA and LSAT scores are important, don’t beat yourself up if they’re not where you want them to be. You can still do well in law school regardless of those numbers and I’m speaking from personal experience. Let your true self show through in your application. Show the school why you’re a good student and why you want to attend that particular institution. If you’re motivated and hard-working, you’re going to succeed regardless of your undergrad GPA and LSAT numbers.”

Tip 5: Ask questions

Brigitte-AlexanderBrigitte A. Alexander
Class of 2018

“New England Law provides multiple ways for prospective students to ask questions. The admissions committee and current students and alumni love answering any questions you have about law school, ranging from where to eat nearby to what it’s like getting called on in class. Make sure that you ask as many questions as you need to determine if New England Law is the right school for you.”

Tip 6: Allow yourself to shine

Ashley-RozesAshley D. Rozes
Class of 2018

“Allow yourself to shine in your application. At this point you have passed the LSAT and chosen the law schools to apply to, but this is not a total representation of you. Show the admissions committee the impact you have made on your community, the chances you have taken, your successes, and your failures. Show them that if given the opportunity to attend their school, you will continue a tradition of excellence and service.”

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