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After earning her BA and LLB at Robert Gordon University, in her hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland, Heather Taylor knew earning an LLM in the United States was her next step. She answered a few questions about her experience thus far.

Why did you want an LLM?

My Mother calls me a natural reader, and I have always enjoyed reading and learning new things, especially in subject areas I am passionate about. After completing two law degrees in Scotland, an LLM just seemed to be the natural progression for me.

Why did you choose New England Law?

I looked at variety of law schools and did research online. The one thing that really stuck with me when reading student testimonials was that students felt supported at New England Law and the professors knew them individually and were more than happy to help.

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What’s the most important thing you’ve learned here thus far?

So far at New England Law I have learned a great many things, from the intricacies of the American legal system to where the best place to eat near campus is (Fajitas and Ritas!). However, the most important thing I have learned is that New England Law is a highly supportive environment, and everyone from students to staff is willing to help. That and the frozen margarita combos at Fajitas and Ritas are delicious.

What’s one piece of advice you’d offer other (future) LLM students?

Starting out in America isn’t half as daunting as you think it will be. Here at least, the students at New England Law are very welcoming and willing to explain anything you may not understand (like what it is that Americans call biscuits!). The school and various law school student bodies put on enough social events so it is easy to get settled into life. So my advice would be to relax and remember that all new students are equally as nervous.

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