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Our interconnected world comes with many interconnected human rights issues, from the local impact of global trade to the horrors of civil war. Fortunately, Professor Lisa Laplante is preparing her international law students to tackle these problems and bring justice to disenfranchised peoples the world over.

Many of those efforts start with the Center for International Law and Policy (CILP) at New England Law | Boston, where Professor Laplante serves as director. The center is a place where members of the law school and greater legal community find advocacy, programming, and, most of all, an in-depth study of international human rights law from sociological, political, and business perspectives. As such, the center reflects Professor Laplante’s passion, wisdom, and energy in its multifaceted advocacy programs promoting humane systems and sensitivity to the plight of those whose human rights have been violated. 

Professor Laplante also teaches, writes, and advocates in the international and human rights area, with a particular focus on the interrelation between business law and human rights as well as post-conflict recovery issues such as transitional justice. She took the reins of CILP upon her arrival at New England Law in 2013, where her prior experiences directing the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center at the University of Connecticut and as a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at the Princeton University School of Social Science, among other positions, provided her with the political and academic grounding to forge a vibrant program of courses, scholarly projects, and community collaborations. 

In addition to helming CILP, advising students in the International Law concentration, teaching a growing list of international law courses, and publishing on topics such as reparations, post-conflict trauma, and the privatization of human rights, Professor Laplante also plays an active role in the international law and policy community. She served as co-chair of both the American Society of International Law Transitional Justice and the Boston Bar Association International Public Law, Policy and Human Rights Committee. On top of these activities, Laplante lends support to students seeking externships overseas and in the U.S. international law community.

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