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Sports Law Weekly started as an idea between New England Law 2Ls Jon Weilbacher and Andrew Marsh as a means of connecting with others interested in sports law. The duo saw that there was a lack of content out there discussing legal issues within the sports industry, and felt compelled to fill that gap. After deciding to produce content through both a podcast series and a blog, they started to expand their team, and Sports Law Weekly was born.

The team sets out to present and discuss legal issues that tie into trending topics in sports today. Their discussions are framed in a way that both those with a legal background, and anyone just interested in hearing the latest on their favorite athlete, can derive value from. Topics so far have ranged from First Amendment rights in sports, to collective bargaining issues in the NCAA, to legislation prompted by former LA Laker Kobe Bryant’s death. 

Sports Law Weekly is hoping to differentiate themselves by not only reporting what’s happening, but also breaking down why it’s happening, all while the events are unfolding in real-time. Marsh notes, “On other reports you might hear that Deshaun Watson has run into a copyright issue with his Instagram post, but it’s very surface level; no one’s bothering to explain what rights are being infringed upon. That’s where we come in.” They're also enriching the conversation by bringing sports attorneys and other guests with relevant expertise onto the podcast to share their perspectives.

In order to provide their audience with the highest frequency of content on hot topics, the team is seeking additional blog contributors and industry professionals who might be interested in making a guest appearance on the podcast. If you’re interested in collaborating, or have a topic for the group to discuss, contact the team.

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