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Greetings from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

One hundred years.  Whether celebrated by an individual or an institution, this milestone is a testament to the ability to survive, adapt, and grow.  We are proud to have reached this year with so many accomplishments to celebrate and so many people in our extended family.

We are indebted to the women of Portia’s early years, who ventured into a realm previously closed to them.  We salute the many alumni, both male and female, who have followed those women, and who have given excellent service to their profession and their communities.  We are cognizant of the contributions of our first dean, Arthur Winfield MacLean, and the men and women who have succeeded him in that position.  We are grateful to the outstanding faculty members who have provided dedicated and distinguished instruction over the years.  And we recognize that we could not have accomplished all that we have without the support and hard work of our many staff members during the century since Portia opened its doors.

I am proud to be leading New England Law | Boston into its second century.  As a graduate of the school, I owe my own professional success to the strong and rigorous foundation that I received here.  As a long-time member of the board of trustees, I have watched with pride as the institution has grown, matured, and assumed a respected place in the nation’s legal education community.

Whether you are a graduate, a current student, a future student, another member of our community, or an interested visitor, we hope you will join us for our hundredth-year celebrations and appreciate what is outstanding and special about New England Law | Boston’s history and community.

Martin C. Foster (’80)
Chairman, Board of Trustees
September 2008