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Interested in Working with the New England Innocence Project?

The New England Innocence Project (NEIP) accepts applications every fall to join the Project for that academic year. NEIP offers New England students a chance to work on cases of incarcerated persons who contend they were wrongfully convicted. New England Law students have worked at NEIP for several years, and found it rewarding, interesting, and educational. It is a chance to see the criminal justice system from a unique perspective, to really learn how a serious criminal case develops, and to work with outstanding, dedicated attorneys throughout the New England area. It is also a chance to free an innocent person from prison.

Who can work with NEIP?

NEIP accepts applications from Day or Evening Division students who have completed their first year of study. First year Day or Evening students are encouraged to consider work with the Suffolk Lawyers for Justice Law School Network, which pairs students with lawyers representing indigent defendants in Suffolk County. Students who have completed their first year (Day or Evening) may apply to work with NEIP in the summer.

Is there pay for this work?

No. Work with NEIP, by students as well as by all attorneys, legal staff, and law professors, is strictly volunteer. It does not yield academic credit. Most students find that they are richly rewarded with the hands-on education about the legal system, the criminal justice process, and what it means to be a lawyer, that work with NEIP provides. NEIP student volunteers are also eligible for the Public Service Transcript Notation Program.

Is there academic credit for this work?

If it is done as part of the optional Practice Credit (PS 877) in connection with enrollment in Perspectives-in-Law: Wrongful Convictions (PS876), students may earn one or two credits (the number of credits and of student positions depends upon case availability). Otherwise, academic credit is not available for work with NEIP. Student volunteers who are not receiving credit are also eligible for the Public Service Transcript Notation Program.

What's the time commitment?

Students must commit to work with NEIP for a full semester or a summer. The weekly time commitment for volunteers is five hours. The weekly time commitment for students enrolled in the optional Practice Credit is five hours for one credit and ten hours for two credits.

How do I get a position with NEIP?

Students must apply for a position with NEIP through Professor Siegel. Obtaining a position with NEIP is competitive. The deadline for receipt of applications for the upcoming semester is 5:00 pm on the second Monday of the semester. Be sure to read the informational memo before applying. Summer applicants should contact Professor Siegel ( for application instructions.

Download the application now.