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Women's and Children's Advocacy Project

Professor Wendy Murphy and students

Faculty and students engage in projects aimed at the protection of victims of domestic and sexual violence. From the unique opportunity to work in a field where the existing laws are stacked against you, this project has created innovative ways to help both current and future victims from keeping various shelters and crisis centers up to date on the current and ever-changing laws to pointing out and changing inappropriate language used in court opinions. 

Students involved with the Women's and Children's Advocacy Project can work in various capacities such as contributing to an alert service, participating in a court watch, and researching and identifying inappropriate language along with understanding the consequences of using such language.

Getting Involved

Students may contribute one or both of our featured projects:

Students who work on these projects have also had opportunities to work with various other organizations or projects that help with victims of domestic and sexual violence. Current students under the project are working with groups such as Massachusetts Survivors Outreach and Justice For Children. 

For more information about the Women's and Children's Advocacy Project, contact Professor Judith Greenberg or Adjunct Professor Wendy Murphy.