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Law Scholarship Programs
The strategic integration of scholarship, research, and real-life practice at New England Law | Boston is an exceptional academic model that arbiters like the Carnegie Foundation have deemed ideal for legal education.

Exceptional Legal Academics

Extraordinary people, extensive opportunities, powerful resources.

A core of required courses and over 100 electives gives New England Law | Boston students opportunities to pursue specific areas of the law that they feel most passionate about.

Extensive clinical programs, internships, externships, and real-world projects within the school’s three academic centers—the Center for Business Law, the Center for International Law and Policy, and the Center for Law and Social Responsibility—help students bring their knowledge to the front lines of practice.

International opportunities provide essential exposure to the study and practice of law worldwide.  Law faculty include elite scholars, high-level practitioners, and judicial leaders who are not just excited about the law, but also dedicated to teaching it—and to mentoring a new generation of practitioners and thought leaders. Instructors, clinical supervisors, and research and writing faculty are joined by academic support faculty exclusively devoted to core skill development, professional networking, and bar preparation.

Students benefit from rigorous classroom preparation and experiential programs, including clinical training.  Law school graduates are fully equipped with the tools and legal street smarts that enable them to tackle their goals and realize their visions.  Most importantly, they graduate with the confidence to take on any challenge that comes their way.

These vital elements create an exceptional academic environment at New England Law | Boston in which students grow, thrive, and build the essential skills and knowledge they need to evolve into highly effective legal professionals.