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Bar Examination Preparation Program 

All graduating New England Law│Boston students are eligible to enroll in Advanced Legal Analysis, a course is designed to help students transition from law school to the legal profession. Students are only eligible for this class in their final semester of law school. Advanced Legal Analysis will use a problem-solving approach to teach legal analysis and writing skills that are critical to new lawyers' success in the profession and on the bar examination. Students will receive instruction, guidance, and feedback to refine foundational legal analysis skills that are tested on all state bar examinations and useful for beginning practitioners.

Taught by Professor Robert A. Coulthard, this course is required for students graduating in May 2020 or later. 

Bar Prep Course Details

  • Substantively, the course focuses on core Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) subjects: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Property, Evidence, Torts, and Criminal Law and Procedure. 
  • In addition to bar exam test-taking skills, students learn time management and organizational skills and key study techniques to help them in passing the bar exam.  
  • The Bar Prep Course supplies students with a head start in learning to effectively and efficiently use their bar review course materials and manage their schedules, while reducing anxiety levels.

Experience-Backed Prep Skills

  • Professor Coulthard has many years of experience in designing, developing, and teaching bar exam review courses for graduating law students. He is currently a national MBE lecturer for BarBri.
  • Professor Coulthard also provides exam application assistance, counseling, and individual tutoring to graduating New England Law students. During the two-month period prior to the administration of the exam, he teaches a supplemental bar exam course to lead students through the bar exam. 
  • The supplemental bar prep classes provide students with additional substantive review lectures, practice essay and MBE exams, and small group/individual tutoring.  All of these valuable services are provided at no additional cost to students.