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Bar Exam Checklist!

To pass any exam, you must know what material is being tested, how the material is being tested, and most importantly, who is grading the test!


Most states administer a test comprised of two components: (1) a 200 Q multiple choice exam known as the MBE; and (2) a written component which usually consists of essays or a combination of essays and a performance test.  Either the state bar examining authority writes its own questions or it purchases test materials from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE).  In all cases, the local state bar examining authority grades the written materials.  The Uniform Bar Exams tests 200 multiple choice Qs, 6 essays and 2 performance tests.  All of the UBE materials are written by the NCBE.  To learn more go to National Conference of Bar Examiners


What should you do:


1. Obtain a copy of your law school application and credit report
          go to: LSAC application  (login to Future JD)
          Annual Credit Report
          See ABA Standard 504

2. Enroll in a reputable full service bar review course

3. Enroll in the PMBR Supplemental MBE Bar Review Course

4. Enroll in ALA in your last semester of law school

5. Plan to not work for 2 ½ months (Dec - Feb 28 or May - July 31)

6. Set aside sufficient financial resources to live and support yourself for 4 months -           Bar Study Loan Information

7. Set aside sufficient financial resources to pay for both a full service

8. Set aside sufficient time to complete the bar exam application

9. Plan to be able to study for the bar exam for 50 – 60 hours per week

10. Plan to CRUSH the Bar exam!