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Part-Time Evening Law School Programs

Going to law school during the day on a full-time basis may not be practical for everyone. What if you have a full-time job, family, or other responsibilities that make devoting three full years to classes and study impossible? We have a solution—enroll in our part-time evening division.

This way you can keep your day job and attend classes at night through a part-time J.D. program schedule. New England Law is one of only two law schools with evening programs in the Boston area. Admission procedures, requirements, and academic expectations are identical for New England Law's day and evening J.D. degree programs. The law school is committed to maintaining the same faculty for both divisions, so all full-time faculty members regularly teach in both.
If you're ready to apply now, please begin the process by submitting an LSAC application or contact Admissions.

The Evening Experience

Although the two divisions are academically consistent, the experience of evening students is distinct. Law school evening program students are often somewhat older than their day-time counterparts, they may have families, and many already have professional careers. These commonalities generate camaraderie and friendship. Each class of about 100 students takes nearly all of its courses together for the first two years, so personal bonds develop that often result in practical assistance, such as carpooling and weekend study sessions. Evening law school program students find that the support of the faculty and administration is as crucial to a successful experience as the fellowship of their peers. Professors at New England Law maintain flexible office hours and make special accommodations to be available to evening students on the students' schedules.

Crossing Over

Students are permitted to take one elective course each semester in the other division without special approval and may take additional courses with approval, enabling evening students to take day courses as their schedules permit. The clinical program makes accommodations to evening students' schedules, and student-serving administrative offices stay open on some weekday evenings when classes meet.

Evening Student Representation

To ensure that the concerns of evening law program students are represented, the Student Bar Association has an evening division chairperson and vice-chairperson who serve with the SBA president and vice-president as officers. Although evening students are less able to participate in school activities than their day division counterparts, the SBA tries to include them whenever possible. In addition, Thursday evening (the end of the evening division's school week) has become a traditional time for law school evening program students to get together to socialize and unwind.

Evening Law School Program Overview

The Part-time Evening Division is comprised of approximately 400 students. It is a four year program with required subjects during the first and second years. 86 credits are required for graduation. Most evening division classes between first and second years are held between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

First-Year Evening Program Required Courses

Fall Term Credits Spring Term Credits
Civil Procedure I 3 Civil Procedure II 3
Contracts I 2 Contracts II 3
Legal Research and Writing I 2 Legal Research and Writing II 2
Torts 4 Criminal Law 3
  11   11

Second-Year Evening Program Required Courses

Fall Term Credits Spring Term Credits
Property I 2 Property II 3
Constitutional Law 4 Criminal Procedure I 3
Legal Research and Writing III 2 Electives 3-6
Evidence 3    
  11   9-12

Third-Year Evening Program Required Courses

Fall Term Credits Spring Term Credits
Law & Ethics of Lawyering 3 Electives 9-12
Electives 6-9    
  9-12   9-12

Fourth-Year Evening Program Required Courses

Fall Term Credits Spring Term Credits
Electives 9-12 Electives 9-12

New England Law recognizes that students have their own unique life circumstances, which is why we also offer a Part-time Day Program and a Special Part-time Division, in addition to our Full-time Day Division.