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Full-Time Program

New England Law | Boston's full-time juris doctor program lasts for three years, with required subjects during first year and part of second year; 86 credits are required for graduation.

Graduates of our Juris Doctor program are in leadership positions in the best law firms, businesses, and agencies across the country. On campus, our faculty, and student body are dedicated to helping you succeed. 

Our faculty’s commitment to teaching excellence results in strong preparation in foundational courses complemented by a wide variety of electives and specialized seminars. Students can concentrate and develop expertise in an array of legal fields, and our 16 clinics and three academic centers provide practical skills experiences and opportunities for policy research.

First-Year Required Courses

Fall Term Credits Spring Term Credits
Civil Procedure I 3 Civil Procedure II 3
Contracts I 3 Contracts II 2
Property I 3 Property II 2
Legal Research and Writing I 2 Legal Research and Writing II 2
Torts 4 Constitutional Law 4
    Criminal Law 3
  15   16

Second-Year Required Courses and Electives

Fall Term Credits Spring Term Credits
Evidence 3 Criminal Procedure I 3
Legal Research and Writing III 2 Law and Ethics of Lawyering 3
Electives 7-10 Electives 6-9
  12-15   12-15

Third-Year Required Courses and Electives

Fall Term Credits Spring Term Credits
Electives 12-15 Electives 9-12
    Advanced Legal Analysis* 3
  12-15   12-15

*This course is only required for students graduating in May 2020 or later.


Flexible Scheduling Options

If your schedule can’t accommodate full-time law school, we also offer part-time, four-year day or evening programs, as well as our part-time program for students with primary family-care responsibilities.