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Special Part-Time Program

Purpose of Program

New England Law | Boston is “on the cutting edge in terms of meeting the needs of students who are parents,” and not just among law schools with part-time J.D. programs, stated an article on parents in law school in Student Lawyer, the magazine of the American Bar Association’s Student Law Student Division.

New England Law offers a Special Part-Time (SPT) Program for individuals with family-care responsibilities who are unable to attend law school as full-time day or part-time evening students. The program allows students to arrange schedules that are more compatible with their family responsibilities.

The SPT Program is highly selective and only admits a small number of students each year. Therefore, applicants must establish that it would be a severe hardship for them to enroll in our standard day or evening programs. Applicants to the program must have excellent qualifications and the maturity to handle an independent law school experience.

Going to Law School Part-Time, with Your Family in Mind

Accepted students can design a personalized schedule with the direction of the program’s faculty coordinator. Each student is allowed up to six years to complete his or her studies.

To graduate, a student must complete the minimum of 86 credits and 120 weeks in residence required of all New England Law students. Special Part-Time law degree students may combine day and evening courses and may switch between academic programs if their schedules allow and the transfer request is approved.


Applicants must complete the standard application form, including the required supporting information such as LSAT scores and recommendations. In addition, applicants need to attach a statement requesting consideration for Special Part-Time status and stating the circumstances that justify it.

Students beginning their legal education can only be enrolled in August of the academic year. The application deadline is March 15, but because of the program’s popularity, we suggest submitting your application early.

Transfer Students

Students in good standing at other accredited law schools will be considered for transfer into the special part-time program if their circumstances warrant it. In certain cases, enrollment for such transfer students may be arranged for the second semester of an academic year.

Tuition and Fees

Most Special Part-Time students carry approximately the same course load as part-time students (both day and evening). As a result, they pay the same tuition and fees. If a student carries fewer than eight credits, then the tuition may be reduced pro rata, but the basic fees are not reduced. Special Part-Time students are not eligible for merit scholarships that are awarded to incoming first year students.


Special Part-Time students will be given an “equivalency rank.” That will be the student’s rank while in school and his or her final rank. The equivalency rank will apply as soon as a student enters the Special Part-Time Program, and will continue to apply even if the student subsequently enters the day or evening program.

Special Part-Time students will be eligible for the following academic awards for semesters or years in which they carried a minimum of nine credits: Dean’s List, New England Scholar, and American Jurisprudence prizes.

Special Part-Time students will also be eligible for honors at commencement (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude).