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David J. Fredette, ’99
Matthew I. Growney, ’00
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Matthew I. Growney, ’00

When I think about Matthew in terms of his legal expertise, I think of the synonym for lawyer, which is ‘counselor.’ Most lawyers working in business know how to drive to an agreement. What sets Matthew apart—what makes him a counselor—is that he has the ability to make sure it’s the right agreement. His law degree makes him an extremely valuable member of our board.

Matthew Growney not only had it all figured out before he reached the age of 30, he was mapping the route to what’s next for everyone else. So why hop off the expressway he was cruising to make a pit stop at New England Law?

“In law school, you learn to think in a particular way about risk and reward. As an entrepreneur, that approach has really helped me to evaluate strategies. I invest in the riskiest of all asset classes, so having the ability to properly assess opportunities is essential to the success of my ventures.”

Growney’s entrepreneurial chutzpah is contagious, as AirPrint CEO Mark Thirman can attest. He tells of how Growney, at the age of 27, convinced Motorola executives to entrust him with the creation and leadership of a corporate venture capital arm for the company. “In essence, Matthew built the thesis for this kind of venture model,” Thirman explains. “With it, he was able to successfully drive innovation into a company like Motorola from the outside.”

And drive an innovation like AirPrint’s secure mobile printing platform from drawing board to market. One of Growney’s early ventures was to support Thirman’s company. “Matthew connected us to the immense technical, distribution, and manufacturing network available through Motorola,” Thirman says. “He lined up investors, negotiated Motorola’s stock warrant and other contracts, and became an indispensable member of our board. Entrepreneurs with just an MBA simply can’t do what he does.”