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Law Student Testimonials
David J. Fredette, ’99
Matthew I. Growney, ’00
Sarah Roxburgh
Laura Bickel
Keith Bae
Amanda Shoffel
Peter Towne
Adonia Simpson

Keith Bae

Keith Bae is associate patent counsel with the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, Virginia. He wrote this reflection while still a student at the law school.

"My experience at, LLC was invaluable. The Business Practice Credit gave me the opportunity to work as an in-house corporate legal intern at a rapidly growing Internet company. I felt that this position provided me with the opportunity to further explore the areas of law I was most interested in; more specifically, Corporate Law and Intellectual Property Law. I faced new challenges every day and dealt with matters I would not have dreamed of encountering as an intern, such as: drafting joint venture agreements, arbitrating trademark disputes, and interacting with attorneys that represent extremely high-profile clients. This opportunity served as the perfect practical component of my law school education."