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Emergency Notification System

New England Law | Boston has a state-of-the-art notification network to send emergency notifications instantly and simultaneously to all registered mobile phones, wireless PDAs, pagers, smartphones, satellite phones, and e-mail addresses. The first communication about inclement weather or school closings will be sent from this emergency alert system, called e2Campus.  We will not use this system for routine announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers) Regarding e2Campus

Registration/Changing Your Account

All incoming New England Law students are automatically enrolled in e2campus with their school-issued e-mail address.  Students may then go to the e2Campus website to change their preferences and have notices sent to any e-mail or text account they would like.

Click here to make changes to your account.  Be sure to have your cell phone with you and on, as you’ll need it to register your phone to e2Campus.

You have two options of how to receive notifications (and can register more than one in a category):

  • Text
  • E-mail

Please be sure to follow the instructions about validating your cell-phone number and/or your e-mail account.  To validate your cell phone, you must type in the validation code that is sent to your cell phone.  Validation for e-mail accounts requires that you reply to the validation e-mail that you receive from e2Campus.

Please remember the following when entering changes:

  • You do not have to list your cell phone number/carrier unless you want to receive notification through your phone. (Receiving text notifications is voluntary.)
  • E2Campus does not work with Skype and other ISP-based texting systems.

Students are also encouraged to check the school’s website or call the main phone line (617-451-0010) for complete details on closings or late openings.  We also post notices on television channels 4, 5, and 7.