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Law School Exam Schedule

Law Exam Schedules

Spring 2019

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Rescheduling Law Exams

Situations Constituting Examination Conflicts

  1. Two courses with examinations on the same calendar day.
  2. A minimum of three courses with exams in a period of two calendar days. Note: This situation will not be eligible for rescheduling if it occurs because the student took a course out-of-division.

How to Request Approval to Reschedule an Exam

To request an examination rescheduling, please use the Exam Rescheduling Form (PDF) and submit the form to the exam coordinator, David Berti, Office of the Registrar.

By Mail: New England Law | Boston, 154 Stuart Street, Registrar’s Office, c/o David Berti, Registrar and Exam Coordinator, Boston, MA 02116

Deadline for Exam Rescheduling Requests to the Exam Coordinator

Fall Deadline:

October 1

Spring Deadline:

March 1

Special Accommodations

All student inquiries and requests for special accommodations should be sent to Jacqui Pilgrim, director of student services, via e-mail at

First Time Special Accommodation Requests

All first-time exam accommodation requests must meet with the director of student services to begin the process.

Students Who Have Been Previously Approved by the Director of Student Services

All students who have met with the director of student services, have been approved for accommodations and have completed one exam period at the law school must use the online Exam Accommodations Form each semester requesting accommodations unless changes in accommodations occur. Any change in accommodations must be submitted to the director of student services for approval.

Deadline for Special Accommodation requests to the Director of Student Services


First-time examination accommodation requests: March 1. Submit appropriate and complete documentation supporting the request before the March 1 deadline.

Pre-approved accommodation requests: March 1.

Fall  Accommodated Room Assignments

Room assignments will be emailed to accommodated students by December 1.

New England Law Examination Policies & Procedures

Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the law school's examination policies and procedures located in the Student Handbook.