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Student Bar Association

Faculty/Student Committees

Each faculty/student committee has one position open for student appointment by the SBA president. The student appointee will bring student body concerns to their committee. Student appointees will be the principal liaison between the SBA and their respective committee. Each appointee will periodically report to the SBA president with updates on committee activity. These committees address student academic activity in their specified areas and are controlled by the faculty. Historically, student appointees have been very influential in these committees and have been responsible for bringing about necessary and satisfactory change.

Committee appointees may be required to report to the Executive Board during formal, convened meetings and will be required to submit written reports for the General Assembly meetings. All positions are subject to removal by the SBA president upon consultation with the Executive Board.

To apply for appointment, you must submit a letter of intent. The SBA president will make all final appointment decisions. There are some positions which were not filled last spring in the initial application process. Those available positions are listed below. Your letter of intent should include:

Section and Year:
Local Mailing Address:
Phone Number (home and mobile):

The body of your letter should be no longer than one page. It should identify the position you are applying for, a brief overview of your qualifications, your reasons for wanting the position, and any other information you feel may be relevant or would like the SBA to take into consideration.

The following are the Faculty/Student Committees:

  • 1L Affairs
  • Academic Rules
  • Admissions
  • Curriculum
  • Discipline
  • Library
  • Media and Technology