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Law School Awards and Honors

New England Law | Boston recognizes students' achievements by granting awards and honors during the academic year and to graduating seniors at commencement. 

Annual Law Student Awards

Dean's List

Earned each semester by students attaining a 3.00 [or better] grade point average for a measurable number of graded hours [10 or more credits for day students, 8 or more for evening and part-time students].

New England Scholar

Earned each year by students whose credit load meets the award requirement and who rank in the top ten percent of their class as determined by their academic performance for the given year alone [not cumulative,12 or more credits for day students, 9 or more for evening and part-time students].    

Note: Credits earned by students for Law Review, the Honors Judicial Clerkship,       Independent Legal Research and the National Lawyering Skills Competition may be counted toward the minimum number of credits required for Dean's List and New England Scholar.

Trustee Academic Scholarships

Ten (10) Trustee Academic Scholarships are awarded automatically (not by application) at the end of spring semester to the two highest ranking continuing students in each of the full-time and part-time programs, based on the students’ grade point average for the academic year just completed. They are not based on a student’s cumulative average. In addition, only fall and spring grades are considered; summer grades are not.

Students in the full-time program must have been enrolled in a minimum of twelve (12) graded credits for each of the qualifying semesters to be considered for these scholarships; part-time students must have been enrolled in nine (9) graded credits for each of the qualifying semesters. The funds for these scholarships are applied towards tuition in the following academic year. For more information on these scholarships, please contact the Office of Financial Aid or the Office of the Registrar.

CALI Excellence for the Future Award

Sponsored by the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction to recognize the highest ranked students in specific courses. Winners receive personalized award certificates.

Commencement Honors and Awards

Degrees with Honors

Students who complete the degree requirements and whose scholastic achievement is judged outstanding may be recommended for a degree granted cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude.

The Dean Arthur W. McLean Award for Academic Excellence

Presented at commencement to the top graduates in the day and evening programs, this award is given in memory of the founder and first dean of the law school.

The Trustee Bradbury Gilbert Award for Excellence in Achievement

Presented at commencement to the day and evening graduates who best exemplify a combination of scholarly achievement and service to the institution, this award is given in memory of an honored trustee of the law school.

The President Anna E. Hirsch Award

This award is presented to one student in each academic program in recognition of service to the law school. It is given in memory of the former president of the law school, who was a 1928 graduate.

Dean's Award

Presented to a student selected by the dean for having made a unique contribution to the law school.

Dean Timothy J. Cronin, Jr., Award

This book award recognizes the student who has shown the greatest promise of outstanding contributions to public service. It is given in memory of a former dean.

New England School of Law Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award

(Formally called the West Group Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award)

Presented to four students in recognition of overall scholastic accomplishment.