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New England Law Review

New England Law | Boston sponsors the New England Law Review, a scholarly, law school publication that is entirely student-run. A writing competition and academic performance are used to select staff members. Publications responsibilities include overall management and production, and staff members edit manuscripts submitted for publication as law journal articles by professional and student authors, write commentaries on various areas of the law, and organize the annual symposia.

The New England Law Review was recently ranked among the top 100 student-edited law reviews in the country. The Law Review also sponsors an annual symposium on topics ranging from the effect of crime scene television on the justice system to drawing the line between stem cell research and human cloning.

The New England Law Review print version recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. 

Online Editions

The Law Review’s online law journal editions include New England Law Review Forum, which publishes original content on timely legal issues and produces one of the few law review podcasts in the country, and New England Law Review Forum for Criminal and Civil Confinement, which focuses on criminal and civil confinement law.

New England Law Review Podcast

The New England Law Review Podcast is one of the few law review podcasts in the country. It covers Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court criminal law and procedure cases, interviews New England Law | Boston professors about current legal questions and controversies, and more. (Find the podcast on iTunes here.)

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The New England Law Review publishes scholarly articles that present diverse views on subjects of interest to the legal community. By publishing these views, New England Law | Boston is in no way indicating its approval or agreement with them. The New England Law Review is published quarterly by students of New England Law | Boston with all rights reserved. Periodical postage paid at Boston, MA, and additional mailing offices.