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Law Student Mentors

Student Bar Association

Law School Mentor Program

At New England Law, we understand the challenges students face as they transition into law school. To help ease this adjustment, first-year students may enroll in the mentor program.

Each year, current students at New England Law volunteer their time and experience to assist and mentor incoming first year students with their transition to law school.  The purpose of the legal mentors program is to provide new first year students with not only a resource, but a support network here at New England Law.  Current students can be invaluable by offering advice and guidance regarding managing the rigors of the first year. To ensure a smooth transition for incoming students, these law mentors contact their mentees prior to the first day of orientation.

Mentors and mentees are matched through a detailed process where the students' home state, undergraduate university, areas of legal interest, hobbies, and general interests are considered.  We hope that the relationships that are formed through the Mentor Program will not only benefit students through their first year, but through law school and beyond in their legal careers.

Apply to become a mentor now.