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Business Law Pathway

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The Business Law Pathway provides a roadmap of courses to consider and sequence of those courses for students interested in pursuing a career in several different contexts, including the following.

  1. Representing as counsel (in-house or as outside counsel)
    1. various types of business entities, including sole proprietors, general partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations (for profit, not-for-profit or other), limited liability companies and/or limited liability partnerships;
    2. any of the principal players in those business entities: owners, managers, employees, creditors (contractual or tort);
    3. prosecuting white collar crime;
  2. Engaging in policy-related work (as a legislator for example)
  3. Working for a government agency that oversees and regulates any aspect of business law.

This pathway intersects with several other pathways that students may find useful to consult: Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, International Law, and Tax Law.

Students are encouraged to review Center for Business Law website at /centers/cbl.cfm.

Business Law Faculty:

Allison Dussias
Gary Bishop
Wilton B. Hyman
Eric A. Lustig
Gary L. Monserud
Kent D. Schenkel
J. Russell VerSteeg