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Criminal Law Pathway

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New England Law’s criminal law program fuses theory, doctrine, and practical skills training to prepare students for careers in this field. Criminal law attorneys often work as state or federal prosecutors, public defenders, private defense attorneys, business counselors, and judges. To prepare for a career in one of these vocations, students should recognize the dual goals of learning the criminal law while also developing trial skills. Also critical to this practice area is the ability to communicate persuasively in writing, as many criminal law practitioners handle appellate matters that arise out of representations in the trial court.

New England Law’s program takes all of this into account. Classroom courses, such as Domestic Violence, Criminal Procedure, and International Criminal Law introduce fundamental criminal law topics. Skills courses, such as Trial Practice, Criminal Advocacy, and Clinical Evidence foster students’ ability to examine witnesses and present opening statements and closing arguments, and mock trial opportunities help sharpen evidence analysis capabilities. Finally, clinical courses place students directly in the courtroom, where they can hone their skills in the real world while representing actual litigants in the criminal justice system.

Criminal Law Faculty:

Tigran W. Eldred
Victor M. Hansen
David M. Siegel