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Education Law Pathway

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The field of Education Law provides a wide array of employment opportunities. Practitioners may represent public school districts, school committees, private colleges, teachers or students, just to name a few. Lawyers will often develop expertise in special education, school discipline, as well as numerous employment law and labor issues specific to the education context. In addition, lawyers are often asked to assist with compliance issues, helping school districts navigate complex and numerous local, state and federal legal requirements. Private schools and public charter schools represent additional opportunities for education lawyers. Those students interested in working within government agencies are also able to find rewarding careers representing state departments of education as well as state boards of education. Lawyers are also needed at the higher education level, serving as general counsel to colleges and universities. A career in Education Law also lends itself well to a solo practice, particularly in the area of special education.   Finally, there are additional opportunities in the education policy sector with non-profit organizations. 


Education Law Faculty:

Gary L. Monserud

Monica Teixeira de Sousa