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Tax Law Pathway

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Tax law practice can encompass both tax planning and tax litigation. In the planning arena, tax lawyers help their clients plan their business and personal transactions in ways that minimize the tax impact of those transactions. Tax planning pervades all areas of corporate law, commercial transactions, estate planning, employee benefits, real estate, and bankruptcy.

Tax lawyers may be called upon to assist other lawyers as to the tax aspects of transactions in these areas or they may take the lead. The tax lawyer’s clients can include individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, and other entities and businesses of all sizes. Tax lawyers often work with other professionals such as accountants and investment advisers. In the litigation area, some tax lawyers represent clients in disputes with taxing authorities. Others are employed by the Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, or state departments of revenue, providing government representation in tax law disputes.

Tax law is a very complicated area, and the New England Law Tax Law Pathway provides  interested students with a solid, basic foundation in the major concepts involved in the taxation of individuals and business entities.

Tax Law Faculty

Wilton B. Hyman
Eric A. Lustig
Kent D. Schenkel