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How to Use the Pathways

Each pathway has up to four separate stages.  The most important, basic courses are listed first. The first stage will include the required courses related to that pathway, if relevant, and   students should generally begin with courses in the first stage and then move to courses in the next stage.  It is likely that a student may not be able to complete all of the courses in a pathway, especially if one begins a specific pathway in his or her third year of law school. 

Courses in each pathway have been designated as "Core," "Recommended," or "Other Courses to Be Considered."  Core courses are essential to the pathway and are the most important ones to be taken.  Recommended courses are not essential, but are quite helpful in that specific pathway.  Other Courses to be Considered are courses that you may find interesting and useful, dependent on your professional goals and time.  No student is expected to be able to take all of the courses listed in a pathway.  Additionally, some pathways are interrelated and you may need to consult more than one to complete your education in a specific area. 

Each pathway lists faculty members who teach in that area of law and who are available to provide further advice to students on their course selections and preparation for practice in that specific area of law.  Students should make sure that they select courses needed to meet the other requirements for the J.D. degree.