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Bar Exam Request Form

Current graduating class

Law School Certification is required for Bar Examination registration. So that the Office of the Registrar may assist you with preparation of your Bar Examination Registration materials, please complete the following information and submit the form to the Office of the Registrar.

January graduates deadline: The Tuesday before Thanksgiving Break.

May graduates deadline: The second Friday of Spring classes.

Basic Information

Graduates of New England Law: Please email your Bar request to

Bar Examinations

(Please select the state bar(s) you plan to sit for.)

If you are planning to take more than one bar exam concurrently (e.g., taking two bar examinations during the same bar exam administration) you will need to meet with Professor Coulthard. By checking the box below, you acknowledge that you understand that you must meet with Professor Coulthard to discuss taking two state bar exams.

Yes, I understand.