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Art & Fashion Law Society

Art and Fashion Law Society

Who We Are

The object of the Art and Fashion Law Society (AFLS) is to introduce the student body to the legal aspects and conditions of the art and fashion industries. AFLS seeks to connect the two industries with other areas of law such as business law, intellectual property law, environmental law, human rights law, and Internet law, while exploring how art and fashion are distinct and unique and require significant legal protection and recognition in the modern age.

AFLS will provide its members with the appropriate resources and opportunities while facilitating discussion that will analyze the status of art, fashion, and the legal issues which surround both on a global scale. We will create an avenue for law students who have a strong interest in the art and fashion industries and enable them to strive for a successful career in these developing areas of law. Given that AFLS is a new student group, we plan to locate important figures in the art law and fashion law spectrum and present events that speak to interesting new topics in these disciplines.

Executive Board 2018-2019

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