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Business Law Society

Business Law Society

Who We Are

The Business Law Society (BLS) of New England Law | Boston is a professional society that advances the educational and career interests of its members while promoting integrity and accountability. Driven by its core values: developing leadership, personifying professionalism, and engaging in community involvement—the BLS encourages the use of practical business principles to gain a comprehensive understanding of the myriad legal skills required in the realm of business law.

Executive Board 2018-2019


What We Do

The BLS aims to promote awareness of business and corporate related legal issues within the law school community, and provide members with opportunities to develop relationships within the business legal community. Moreover, the BLS encourages networking with alumni and business professionals and provides a forum for its members to develop the use of a legal education within a business setting. Through programming and co-sponsoring events that foster collegiality and provide insight into various areas and aspects of business law, not taught in the classroom—the BLS strives to cultivate educational and employment opportunities through networking with alumni, professors, and business professionals.

Get Involved

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