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Entertainment and Sports Law Organization

Fenway Park

The Entertainment and Sports Law Organization is a student club that is devoted to helping its members reach their career goals, which vary widely throughout both the entertainment and sports worlds. In order to accomplish this goal, the organization strives to promote different events hosted throughout the greater Boston area that are entertaining, engaging, and educational. 

One such event is our annual student/faculty softball game. This event is not only great fun for all involved, but encourages a bond between students and faculty that goes beyond the classroom.  This relationship with the faculty can prove to be invaluable when applying for jobs, as a personal recommendation can speak volumes to a potential employer.  Additionally, each year, we organize a panel of speakers to come to the school and speak to not only members of the organization, but the entire school as a community.  Broadway ShowsThese speakers all work in both the entertainment and sports worlds, and are in general, all members of the bar.  Not only does each speaker bring with them a unique perspective on how to break into this line of work, but the panel gatherings provides for a great networking opportunity. 

Networking is a major key to starting a successful career, and by maintaining a great relationship with the surrounding law school’s ESLO executives, our organization is frequently invited to attend other schools' ESLO events as well, providing an excellent opportunity to do just that.  Finally, in order to make all of this happen, we also do some fundraising.  In an attempt to raise funds, and have a great time while doing so, we have an annual fundraiser at one of the neighborhood pubs with some exciting raffle prizes drawn throughout the night.

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