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Italian-American Justinian Law Society

Who We Are:

The Italian-American Justinian Law Society (IAJLS), named after the Roman Emperor whose legal code inspired the modern concept of civil law and, indeed, the very spelling of "justice," is a student group that is open to all New England Law | Boston students. It is a social, cultural, and educational group that reflects the interests of its members. We represent students of Italian heritage as well as those who share an interest in Italian culture and values.

Executive Board 2015 - 2016:

President: James Mihelidakis '17
Vice President: TBD
Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: TBD
Evening Liaison: TBD
Social Media Chair: Edward Ferrante '17

What We Do:

We provide a forum for issues of importance to the Italian-American legal community. Activities are designed to achieve the educational, cultural, professional, charitable, and social well-being of members as well as the entire New England Law | Boston community. It seeks to promote the history, culture, and accomplishments of Italians and Italian-Americans by sponsoring informative and entertaining speakers, lectures, fundraisers, and social gatherings. The Society also encourages participation in regional and national organizations such as JLS (Justinian Law Society of Massachusetts), NIABA (National Italian American Bar Association) and NIAF (National Italian American Foundation). We also coordinate a Mentorship Program with the attorneys and judges of the Justinian Law Society of Massachusetts.

Get Involved: