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Who We Are

The Women's Law Caucus of New England Law | Boston is an established school organization committed to promoting social justice and equality for women and men. The Women's Law Caucus seeks to educate, inform, and provide services both informational and practical to the whole New England Law community. Additionally, we strive to honor the legacy of our many distinguished alumnae who were members of a pioneering class of female attorneys in Boston.

Executive Board 2018-2019

WLC Events

For the upcoming academic year the Women’s Law Caucus will strive to continue as a prominent student organization at New England Law | Boston, emphasizing the development and achievements of women in the field of law, while fostering relationships among law students, faculty, and community at large. We will work diligently to promote involvement from students, faculty, and administration to raise awareness and funds for problems typically described as women’s issues but affecting men, women, and children. These issues include domestic violence, breast cancer, same-sex marriage, and AIDS.

This year we are hosting a number of exciting events, including The Follies, our largest and most successful event! We host The Follies to raise money for the Mary Jo Frug Grant, which gives money to New England Law | Boston students who will be working in the Domestic Violence field as unpaid interns.

Get Involved

If you would like to learn more about the Women’s Law Caucus, please contact any of the executive board members above and:

  • sign up for the WLC on TWEN;
  • join the “New England Law | Boston Women’s Law Caucus” Facebook group;
  • follow us on Twitter @WLCNESL;
  • attend a WLC meeting or event.